Tancredi Renato Marrone

Τριανταφυλλιά Πλιάκα - Tancredi Renato Marrone

Tancredi Renato Marrone was born in Palermo, in the cold November of 1999. Since he had some problems making friends with the other children he started reading and dreaming, shaping his own world, but the dream sooner or later would have ended, and he knew. At 14 years old he started writing, to express his suffering on paper, to get it out with a pencil seemed a better way then keeping it in, leaving scars in his heart. The more he wrote the more he started enjoying it, yet he could just write of his suffering, and so began the conflict: to write or not to write, to pursue happiness or suffering.


“Αγγίζοντας την επιτυχία χαρά και ηδονή θα νιώσεις, μα πρόσεχε μην πλανευτείς από τα φανταχτερά της πέπλα και χαθείς , εκεί στην κορυφή, στο κρύο που η μοναξιά θα θέλει να σε ζώσει . Θυμήσου πως η επιτυχία είναι αληθινή όταν έχεις με κάποιον να τη ζήσεις”

Τριανταφυλλιά  Πλιάκα


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