Indra. M Kaourou – Kitti

Τριανταφυλλιά Πλιάκα - Indra. M Kaourou Kitti

Indra. M Kaourou – Kitti, was born in Lithuania but moved to Cyprus fourteen years ago. Her love and passion in art started in 90s’ where she began experimenting with works on paper and a simple pencil. During this period the self-taught artist started deconstructing her thoughts on canvas and reassembling them while incorporating vintage fabric, dress patterns and other found materials. She continued to work with canvas and acrylics while experimenting with techniques of printmaking and painting. While living in Paphos, Indra met her mentor and art teacher, Rafaella Christoforou and by that time she decided to join a group of Art Lessons for Adults. Indra tends to paint from her imagination, but her life experiences together with her spirituality, which comforts her during all her paintings. The essential elements of collage, mixed media, painting and charcoal drawing are still so much a part of the work; though the scale has increased and the base is typically canvas. Indra aiming to travel abroad and to have the opportunity to investigate, research but also collaborate with fellow self – taught inspirational artists have been a steady source of growth as well, which will continue. As Indra always says: “Life is what you paint”


“Αγγίζοντας την επιτυχία χαρά και ηδονή θα νιώσεις, μα πρόσεχε μην πλανευτείς από τα φανταχτερά της πέπλα και χαθείς , εκεί στην κορυφή, στο κρύο που η μοναξιά θα θέλει να σε ζώσει . Θυμήσου πως η επιτυχία είναι αληθινή όταν έχεις με κάποιον να τη ζήσεις”

Τριανταφυλλιά  Πλιάκα


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