Blood – Τancredi Renato Marrone in English



I cannot imagine how dying would be.

The end.

The darkness.

Nothing beside the simple unconscious darkness.


I think it can be bad just before,

The actual death will be relaxing.

That’s why I want you beside me

When the time calls.


I want to hear your voice,

I want you to say it will be alright,

To caress my face,

I want to see you smile.


Your lips on mines

One more time,

One last time

To bring me the love you hide within your soul.


Your tearful eyes,





What else can I ask for

If not to have you

As the last moment

In this cursed life.


Moments on moments.

Instants upon instants.

Roads and streets

That lead only here,


To us two.

To me alone.

To you alone.

But for a blink to us together.


I want to die happy

And this,

My love,

Seems like a good time to die.


And I don’t care if it’s an illusion.

I don’t care if you lie to me calling me love.

If you don’t look for me at night as I do.

Nor if you never will..


This is what I feel,

What I want to believe,

What I want to live,

For which I can die.



In a limitless desert

Carring my carcass

Looking for you.


You who evade my sight,

You who seek shelter in my arms.

You who whisper to me,

Calling me screaming with no voice.


I will never see your face

If not then:

When you’ll free my soul

From this grim world.


You will purge my veins

Of this wonderful and corrupted blood,

Leaving the paleness take over

This face of mine, already grey.


You will lay me down on this blossoming earth;

Of a green garden;

Full of flowers,

Filled with life.


Letting my arms fall

Now helpless,

Unable to get you.

You’ll look at me:


You’ll call me love,

Maybe for the first time,

And you will smile

While the last sparkly flame is abandoning my sight.


Then we’ll be free,

You from me,

And me from everything else;

And finally bonded to you.


I hope to remain by your side,

To be able to look at you,

Beside my prison

Now only yours.


But this is only a desire.

Nothing but fantasy,

Wish of a madman.

A dreamer in a sea of tumultuous sadness.


A blind heart

Desperate touches the dirt

Looking for your hand

But you are already away.


What good is a heart if not to love?

Hands, if not to touch,

Eyes, if not to gaze,

Lips, if not to kiss.


Time is evil,

Our enemy.

Our father and grave.

Our mother and prayer.


The spring moon

Mirrors herself in the winter’s

Life and death

Love and passion.


Red the blood,

Cold the blade.

The flame fades,

Where, where is my lady?


“Αγγίζοντας την επιτυχία χαρά και ηδονή θα νιώσεις, μα πρόσεχε μην πλανευτείς από τα φανταχτερά της πέπλα και χαθείς , εκεί στην κορυφή, στο κρύο που η μοναξιά θα θέλει να σε ζώσει . Θυμήσου πως η επιτυχία είναι αληθινή όταν έχεις με κάποιον να τη ζήσεις”

Τριανταφυλλιά  Πλιάκα


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